Terms and Conditions

All leads generated by TJ Telemarketing are provided as just that, qualified leads. There are no refunds, credits or lead replacements.

The turn around time is generally two to four weeks from the date TJ Telemarketing receives a paid order. You may give us a call to discuss more specific delivery schedules.

Alternate calling areas may be needed if target areas provided with an order do not have enough records to call or if the areas are not available. Areas are not available if another order of the same kind of lead used these areas within the last six months. All calling areas are on a first come, first served basis.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse lead orders if we have determined the area to call is too difficult or inappropriate to call.

If the occasion arises regarding the qualification of a lead, TJ Telemarketing’s policy is for the client to fax the original lead sheet to us with comments written on it. We will listen to the recording of the actual call and deem it qualified or not according to our lead generation standards. For more information please see Lead Review Policy.