Qualified Health Insurance Leads


TJ Telemarketing generates qualified health insurance leads for agents. We use old-fashioned, person-to-person contact so we can deliver pre-qualified prospects. You can buy exclusive individual health insurance leads in the packages listed below or you can buy telemarketing services for group health insurance leads.

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Buy Qualified Health Insurance Leads

Exclusive, Qualified Individual Health Leads are hard to come by. We provide you individuals who say they are willing to get a call from you knowing they will be solicited with a quote or comparison quote for major medical insurance. Because these “Pre-appointment, Qualified Leads” are exclusive, you have no immediate competition. You are now positioned to set appointments and present the advantages of buying your Individual Health Insurance plans.

We do screen for health conditions by asking, “Do you have any pre-existing health conditions such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes?” Those who tell us they have serious health conditions will not be sent as a lead.

You Choose:

Individual Health Lead:

  • Any Person who is responsible for buying their own health insurance

Individual and/or Group Combo:

  • Usually ¾ are Individual Leads and ¼ are Group Leads.


  • 25 Leads is a minimum order.
  • 50 Lead Orders receive 3 extra leads free.
  • 100 Lead Orders receive 10 extra leads free.

Delivery Schedule: As few as 5 at a time on most orders

Example Lead Sheet for Health Insurance

Are you interested in exclusive Qualified Health Insurance Leads?

Call us at 1 (888) 802-6998 for our Qualified Health Insurance telemarketing calling script, company references, and to get answers for all your questions.