Qualified Annuity Plan Leads


TJ Telemarketing generates individual, qualified annuity plan leads for agents. We use old-fashioned, person-to-person contact so we can deliver pre-qualified prospects. Learn more about how we generate these annuity plan leads. You can buy exclusive annuity plan leads in the packages listed below..

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Buy Qualified Annuity Plan Leads

We generate Annuity Plan leads by calling businesses and taking a market research approach. Individuals are then solicited with a sales pitch who must agree to get a call from you knowing he/she will hear about the Annuity Plan Options you have available. They become your “Pre-appointment, Qualified Leads”.

With this door opener, you then set your own appointments and meet with your prospects giving them a reason they should plan their Annuity using your products

We do not limit your options with our sales pitch:

  • You may get them involved with Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds
  • You may show them the benefits of Indexed Universal Life Plans
  • They may have existing savings and which they desire to “roll over”
  • You may introduce them to Annuity options you have available
  • You may present Real Estate investment options to them
  • Where you go with the lead is up to you.


  • 25 Leads – minimum order.
  • 50 Lead Orders – add 3 free leads.
  • 100 Lead Orders – add 10 free leads.

Delivery Schedule: As few as 5 at a time on most orders

Example Lead Sheet for Annuity Plan

Are you interested in exclusive Qualified Annuity Plan Leads?

Call us at 1 (888) 802-6998 for our Qualified Annuity Plan telemarketing calling script, company references, and to get answers for all your questions.