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Order pre-qualified exclusive Accounting Leads who know your name and are expecting a call.

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Buy Exclusive Pre-Qualified Accounting Leads


These Leads are for Accountants and CPAs who want to acquire more business while you spend your valuable time servicing existing customers. Our telemarketing approach creates contact with potential clients who you cannot reach in any other way. All leads are exclusive so you will not competing with other professionals which gives you a distinct edge in securing new business. You can target the type of companies you want in the markets that best fit your practice. We get you in touch with the “Decision Maker” regarding the Accounting Practices of each prospect.

Each contact understands who you are, has agreed to get a call from you and knows they will hear about the Services you offer. You receive information on the bookkeeping practices of each lead as well as who handles their bank reconciliations, payroll, and financial statements. Also included is whether they presently receive tax and growth strategies from a professional.

You have the option to provide your own compiled or purchased list. Or, we can order a list to your specifications.

You Choose:

  • Geographic Calling Area
  • Company Employee Size
  • SIC Industry Designations
  • Yearly Net Income
  • How you want to be identified

You are able to Customize the Sales Pitch:

We can adjust our standard pitch by developing a special sales pitch which should increase the number and quality of contacts you receive. We accomplish this by showcasing your tenure in the Financial arena or by emphasizing specific services you offer to help develop more interest.  More interest translates into more leads for you.

Are you interested in exclusive pre-qualified Accounting Leads?

Call us at 1 (888) 802-6998 for our Accounting Leads telemarketing calling script, company references, and to get answers for all your questions.