Quality Group Health Sales Leads

Who we call:

We call businesses to generate exclusive Group Health Leads. These leads are generated by speaking with decision makers who have a part in determining what employee benefits the company will purchase. The prospect may simply be a person who is authorized to gather information or actually the one who makes the final decision.

How we call:

A market research approach is used to generate group health leads. Our Telemarketers begin by asking questions regarding the group health insurance coverage the company has and gathering information on that coverage. This includes what company they are currently with, the renewal date of the plan and the number of employees who work at the business. This insures you will only buy employee benefits prospect leads which fit your needs.

The Pitch:

About a minute into the phone conversation, each prospect who meets the qualifications of your order is now solicited. Our professional telemarketers personably and cheerfully offer the person the opportunity to benefit from your services. Each group health lead willingly agrees to receive a call from you and knows she/he will hear quotes or competitive quotes on existing coverage. You receive business medical insurance plan leads you can use to set sales appointments.

The Benefit to You:

Most of our agents use these leads to set face-to-face appointments. However, some simply drop in to see the person. Others choose to contact their prospects using a combination of phone, fax, email and internet. Once the connection is made, you are able to work your “sales magic” adding to your book of business.

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