Lead Review Policy

The standards we apply in making our decision whether to replace leads are as follows:

  1. Did the telemarketer follow the basis tenets of our published script?
  2. Did the TSR follow the guidelines of how we generate leads as published on our website or agreed to in writing for a particular lead order?
  3. Did the contact express a willingness to get a call and be solicited regarding the product we are calling for without being pressured?

If the above three principles were followed, we will not replace a lead regardless of what the contact may have said about the call to the Insurance Agent or Financial Professional who worked the lead.

If you request that we listen to the recording we have on a lead, you need to write down on the lead form what you experienced when you spoke with the prospect in a clear and understandable way. Then you need to fax or scan and email the lead sheet back to us at the following:

Fax: (541) 746-0259
Email: leads@tjtelemarketing.com

We will listen to each lead received and reply by email regarding what we heard and our decision to replace it or not. On occasion, we will not have a recording of a lead if our computer failed to retain the recording, and we will not be held accountable for leads where this is the case. A maximum of 3 leads will be reviewed for each 25 lead order. Leads older than 6 weeks will not be considered.

As a customer service, if we do not replace leads, we will extend a one time opportunity to each agent to call in and listen to a maximum of three leads of their choice. This transparent policy is for quality control and training purposes only.

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