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The day started off the same as all the others. Then I got an unusual phone call. My support staff gave me the heads-up before I picked up the phone: “Mr. Schiedler, it’s a police chief on hold!”… Read More

Each word has an impact. Consider the impact words you use have on prospects who are considering your products. Here’s several proven concepts to implement now that will result in closing more leads and prospects immediately. During the sales process… Read More

If you’ve sold Insurance or Financial Products before, you know some folks will inevitably put off buying until after the Holiday.  It’s in everybody’s best interest to wrap the business up so your client’s needs are addressed, and… Read More

We hear from several agents every week who are frustrated with internet leads. Many of our clients agree, they are fed up with internet leads. They tell us how exclusive leads were promised, but when they begin contacting… Read More

I had a chat with a client this morning about placing another lead order, and he asked, “What’s the contact rate of your leads compared to other companies?”.  I’ve been asked this question several times, so it’s an… Read More

Here at TJ Telemarketing we generate Exclusive Telemarketing Leads. There are many methods to produce leads. Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks. Here are some of the key advantages of using Telemarketing Leads generated by TJ Telemarketing… Read More

Here at TJ Telemarketing we generate Exclusive Group Health Insurance Leads for Brokers across the country. We customize the calling script for each broker we work for. This helps the decision makers understand what sets you apart from… Read More

TJ Telemarketing has been generating exclusive leads for sales professionals for 23 years. We generate leads who know our client’s name and have agreed to talk about the services they offer. Each lead we generate is never re-sold,… Read More

Do you have some time just to read this information?  I didn’t think so.  It’s important to engage people in a positive way. The first sentence of this blog post is packed full of weak words that don’t… Read More

Phone Calls Are Still King – Ask GoDaddy! I’d like to share a recent experience I have had with the internet industry titan GoDaddy. We use many of their services for our call center, and they’ve always done a… Read More