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Group Retirement Plan Leads

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# of Hours Price
20 Hours $1,200.00
40 Hours $2,250.00
80 Hours $4,250.00
120 Hours $6,200.00

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We get you in contact with a person who is in the “Decision Making Loop” regarding the company’s Retirement Plan. This person may be the final decision maker or simply a person authorized to gather information for those in charge to consider. The person agrees to get a call from you knowing they will be presented with your Retirement Plan options. Learn more about how we generate these group retirement plan leads.
 Results are best with businesses smaller than 50 employees, but we can call larger ones and get results for agents who are interested in that market. You can provide your own list which you have compiled or purchased if you desire. There is a discount off of the cost for lists compatible with our computer dialer.
 Business 401k telemarketing leads can be tailored to your needs, select your target:
Employee size ( 2 or more, 5+, 10+,  20+, 5 to 50, 10 to 100, etc.
Geographic Calling Area
 How you want to be identified
 You are able to customize the Sales Pitch:
We can adjust our standard pitch and develop a special sales pitch for you which may increase the number of contacts you get. This can include a Cross-selling option regarding other products you carry such as Group Health, LTC , Life or Disability Insurance. We can also showcase your experience or service options you offer to help generate more interest in the sales pitch.
 Call us for a Script, Company References and to get answers for all your questions.
“Not all Leads are created equal”



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