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Life Insurance Leads

TJ Telemarketing generates qualified life insurance leads for agents. We use old-fashioned, person-to-person contact so we can deliver pre-qualified prospects. Learn more about the steps we take to generate the life insurance leads. You can buy exclusive life insurance leads in the packages listed or you can purchase life insurance lead-calling by the hour.

Individual Suburban $38 each
Owners/Managers only (Rural areas only) $38 each
Lead Type # of Leads Price
Owner/Managers Only Rural 25 $950.00
Owner/Managers Only Rural 50 + 3 FREE $1,900.00
Owner/Managers Only Rural 100 + 10 FREE $3,800.00
Life Insurance Lead Suburban 25 $950.00
Life Insurance Lead Suburban 50 + 3 FREE $1,900.00
Life Insurance Lead Suburban 100 + 10 FREE $3,800.00

Buy Qualified Life Insurance Leads

T. J. Telemarketing has developed one of the best life insurance sales lead generation systems available. Our approach has been built on and generates more Exclusive Individual Life leads than any other kind of lead. By calling Businesses and taking a market research approach we acquire individuals who are “Pre-appointment, Qualified Leads”. These are individuals who have agreed to a call from you knowing he/she will be solicited with a quote or comparison quote for their personal insurance.
Our exclusive telemarketing insurance leads are not persons who say they want to buy life insurance, but those who say they are willing to get a call from you knowing they will hear about your life insurance policies. With this door opener, you set your own appointments and give them a reason they should buy your insurance or switch from their existing plan. We plant the seed, you develop the sale.
We do not limit your options with our sales pitches:
You may give them a comparison quote to save them money
You may extend a current term policy and/or help them increase the benefit amount
You may help them convert a term policy into a permanent policy
You may sell them a permanent policy for retirement or estate purposes
You may try to sell a Return of Premium or Cancer policy
Where you go with the lead is up to you.
You Choose:
Individual Life Leads (Standard Lead – speaking with whoever answers the phone)
Owners / Managers Only (Premium Lead - Disciplined persons with more secure jobs and higher incomes / Rural areas only)
Critical Illness Life Leads (The pitch says owners/managers will receive a living cash benefit if they have a heart attack, stroke, or cancer)
Return of Premium Life Leads (We approach owners/managers with the fact they will receive back the premiums paid when their policy ends)
25 Leads is a minimum order.
50 Lead Orders receive 3 extra leads free.
100 Lead Orders receive 10 extra leads free.


Delivery Schedule: As few as 5 at a time on most orders

Call us for a Script, Company References and to get answers for all your questions.

“Not all Leads are created equal”

Sample Lead Sheet
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